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We are back! Are you a 4th-8th grader who is interested in building amazing projects? Sign up for AstraHacks! AstraHacks is a virtual hackathon on December 11, 2022. AstraHacks is hosted by STEMATICS. Entrance is free and all donations will go to charity! A hackathon is a full day event where students can form teams, learn from workshops, and develop a coding project that they will present to judges in hopes to win prizes! We will be helping the students out through virtual platforms. If you are a 8th-12th grader, join us as a coding mentor! If you are a 4th-8th grader, join us as a participant! STEMATICS is very excited to be promoting charity and to be inspiring youth to pursure Computer Science and innovation! We hope to see you on December 11, either as a participant, mentor, or judge.

👥 What are divisions?

The divisions are based on grade. Participants with no experience will be registered into the beginner division. The beginner division can use Scratch. If participants are in the experienced division, this means they have coding knowledge and cannot use Scratch for their projects, must use linebyline coding. We will be hosting workshops for those who want to learn more concepts! See the workshops available below.

📝 Registration Specifics?

To register, press the button below or explore our website further. You can either register with a formed team or you can find a team with other hackathon participants. The max team size is 3 people. The theme for the project will be released during opening ceremony. Precoding is not permitted and will not be considered for judging.The goal is to learn something new during AstraHacks so we encourage trying new projects for submision!

⏰ Schedule

Schedule for December 11th, 2022

9:30am PST - 10:30am PST : Opening Ceremony

11:00am PST - 12:00pm PST : Qoom Workshop

10:30am PST - 12pm PST : Coding Time

11:15am PST - 12pm PST: Scratch Workshop

12pm PST - 1pm PST : Lunch Time

1pm PST - 4pm PST : Coding Time

1pm PST - 1:45pm PST : Web Development Workshop

2pm PST - 2:45pm PST : Python Workshop

4pm PST - 4:30pm PST : Presentation Workshop

4:30pm PST - 5:30pm PST : Submission Time

5:30pm PST - 6:30pm PST : Presentations/Judging

6:30pm PST - 7:30pm PST : Game Night!

7:30pm PST - 8pm PST : Closing Ceremony


👩‍💻 Register as a Participant

Use the link below to register for ASTRA hacks as a participant. Grades 4-8. Please refer to the schedule for more details. The entrance fee for participants is $5. This money will go to STEMATICS, to help provide free STEM education for all. Refer to the website here.

Participant Register
🧑‍🏫 Register as a Mentor

We are looking for experienced highschool students to help us as mentors. Your responsibility will be to help the participants during the hackathon so they can develop their projects. We are looking for 8th-12th grades whom have experience with Scratch or other languages.

Mentor Register
🏆 Register as a Judge

We are looking for judges who are experienced with tech and it's many applications. Judges must be 17+ and have work experience in the STEM field. Please use the form below to contact us if you are interested in being a judge for AstraHacks. Thank you for your initiative!

Judge Register


There will be over $4,000 in prizes, such as Amazon giftcards and new technology, for the top 2 in each division. Prizes will be awarded by division and project innovation/technicality. Divisions are separated by grade and experience and will have different prizes. We will only be providing prizes for the number of people in the winning groups, max 3 people. We will post more information about our prizes and the prize categories closer to the hackathon. Contact us at stematicsTutoring@gmail.com if you are interested in being our sponsor for this event.


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Anchal Bhardwaj

Hackathon Director

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Annmary Antony


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Rachel Baek


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Shrila Esturi


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Sumayyah Ismail


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Lilly Kaelber


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Jiyoon Choi


💭 FAQ's

A hackathon, involved no real hacking don't worry, is a event where people get into teams and create a project based on a provided theme within a period of time. At the end, everyone will present their idea. There will be workshops and prizes for those who come up with a project that best fits the criteria.

We will release the theme on the day of the hackathon, We will explain the guidelines during the mandatory opening cermony. Refer to the schedule below.

No. Absolutely no experience is needed and we encourage beginners to sign up! We will be holding workshops as well as having 2 divisions. If you need help, we will also have mentors that can schedule calls and help you!

Email stematicsTutoring@gmail.com with more information for donations! We are committed to providing free STEM education for all and your donation would allow us to spread our mission.

On October 25, 2020, we hosted AstraHacks 1 with over 40 participants and 10 submissions. Over this Zoom event, we had great workshops and discussions! Last year, we also hosted AstraHacks 3 with 100 participants and 25 submissions. Contact us to learn more about this year's event.

Our organization, STEMATICS, is committed to providing free education for grades 4-8 in all in areas of STEM. Check out our website, here, for more information.

Contact stematicsTutoring@gmail.com with any questions and we will be happy to help!

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